Tuesday, July 13, 2010

April 22, 2010. The last time I wrote :(. It is devastating! I signed on, planned to change my background and header... AND I FORGOT. I forgot everything I learned. No Joke. I have no idea how to do it. But you just wait Blogging World. Pearls and Curls will be looking chic, and running here soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh blogging world, how I have missed you. I have been SOO busy lately. Work has completely taken over my life. On my day off, I just want to be with my friends. But I have missed writing about nonsense with my whole heart.

June 5, 2010

This lady will turn the big

The last big birthday to celebrate for 29 years. I want to have a blast. My brother, and his friend were planning a trip to Las Vegas. Mhmmm.

But boys are planning this trip, so it may fall through. Please bloggers, give me some awesome ideas!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. -Judy Garland


Lets just get into this for a second. Why is it, that we are so fearful of being different? Instead of trying to understand something, we cast it away as being "weird", "strange", "uncool", whatever other word can mask it with. This is something I have been struggling with for a few weeks now. I know excatly when it started. I tend to let things "go" (let them build up) until I cant take it anymore. I never confront the situation. Ever. Its a downfall of mine. Anways, I have let a situation go for a long, long time. And, now, it tends to always be on my mind, consuming my thoughts. And I despise it.

After I am sure I have confused all my readers, when I vent, everything comes out a little mixed up.

I am about to turn 21 (June 5, ye-aahh). But the thing is, when I turn 21, I am not looking for a huge big, lets get smashed, act a fool party. I want to go out with a few close friends, and most imortantly ..remember my day.. I have already been made aware, that this is strange, stupid, and if they were me, they would be all liquored up {{cool. good for you}}

Im not a big girl. Im a size 8. I have a booty that would make Bubba Sparxx and the Ying Yang twins remix "Booty Rocking Everywhere" {{jk. Its not that big}}. I am ok with my figure. However, I am constantly reminded how I should be, and what to do in order to get there. {{I don't want to starve myself, maybe next week, K, thanks}}

I love the place I am in my life. I love where I live, the people I know. I have it made right here. I don' need to move to a sauve little city-wanna-be in order to be cool. Going 23 mph behind a John Deere is just part of life around here, and I am ok with that. {[I can take you for a ride on my big green tractorrrr}}

I don't attend college this semester. I pay for it myself, and am debt free.. I am proud of myself for that, do not try and belittle that. {{So suck on that ;)}}

I drive an old car, which is one less payment I have a month. And my parents don't pay a car payment for me. I really don't want to hear about your way awesome new car and how it gets 600 miles per gallon. Really. {{South Park can explain, look up the episode}}

My boyfriend (Yes, this is something I have forgotten to fill my blog readers in on), stop trying to down him, or the fact we're together. {{get over it, and be happy with your man}}

My curly, untamable, long hair, will one day, make a boy so insanely in love with me. Short straight dumb hair is just fine, and much easier, and trust me, you have made your point. But dont diss mine. My mom has the same hair. {{Truth is, I adore my mothers hair in the summer}}

I need to make this persons oppinions and statements a little less important in my life. Fact is, it really bothers me, and hurts me. I take it wayyy to seriously... Girls are possibly the most malicious, hateful, green-eyed witches on the face of the earth. Bloggers, really think about the words you are using, they can realy cut someone else deep. My mom tells me to laugh it off, and usually blames it on jealously. Here is the deal, instead of being so envious, appreciate that quality in the other person. Mean Girls is the perfect movie to explain the way I feel about girls.

With as much as I have been logging onto Blogger lately, I am so disappointed that I have not found time to write. However, I have been fooling around on Photoshop. I never realized how addicting it was! It seems as if my Blogger layouts changes more often than I change my clothes (... and I'm a girl). Oh, but I have fallen in love with designing this stuff. I have been spending hours in front of the computer screen deciding exactly where the word "Little" should go on a blog header. Here are some things I've have done for my friends!!

(Blog still getting set up)

And my little engaged friend Brittaniepaige
(Newest to blogspot. WELCOME HER!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Hitting on me WHAT? I think you need a catscan" -Ke$ha

As I check out my news feed to the right side of my blog, I can see other people from other countries are looking at what I am writing.
I know, I know, I am a complete dork for being sooo estatic over this. I literally skipped through the hallway of my house. So England, Canada, Africa, whoeever you are, however you managed to find my blog, just know, you made a 20 something girl jump for joy. Literally. Keep it coming!!

My blog, new face? Ugh, I know. This is just a temporary template until my sister and I can sit down and create a permanent one. Everything was destroyed in my own stupidity. But no worries, Pearls and Curls will be up, beautiful and classy once again. I experimented with the header by myself. And geez, Photoshop sure knew just how to stupify me. (see?? I think I am making up words!)

Oh Ke$ha, you know just the words I want to say..

"Old man why are you staring at me
Mac on me and my friends it is kinda creepy
You should be prowling around the old folks house
Come on dude ... leave us alone

At first we thought it was kinda illin
We thought you were like a billion
And still trying to make a killin
Get back to the museum

D.I.N.O.S.A You are a Dinosaur
D.I.N.O.S.A You are a Dinosaur
O.L.D.M.A.N You just say old man
Hitten on me WHAT?! You need a cat scan"

My new favorite song. I just like the lyrics. Really old men What do you think. Do you think that i think your grey white hair is wisdom? No, I think you most likely graduated highschool a few years before my Dad did. And that, sir, is just disgusting. I work at an eletronic store. I understand, yeah, I work with mainly guys. I associate with mainly guys. Women do come in, with their husbands. Very few young women come in. Whateverrrr. Grow up. Dont fall over the first girl you see in the store. I mean danggg. I have old men hit on me all the time! Its weird, creepy and obnoxious. Not at all attractive. When I say I have a boyfriend, I am not playing hard to get, I am not being silly. I mean leave me alone, stop talking to me, let me do my job, and give me your money. AND LEAVE.

Above: The men who think they are in the age range,
and can compete with Shia Lebough (below, Mhmm mhmm mhmm)
Yes ladies, I dont understand the logic either...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"We live by the currents, play by the tides, and follow the sun..."

SUMMER: When the waves kiss your feet, the sand is your seat, and your friends outnumber the stars*

Lazy days, beautiful nights, beachy hair, water fights, hot guys, tanned skin, schools out, summers in.

Because, its summertimes, and the memories are just waiting to happen.

Summer is when girls go barefoot, and there hearts are as free as there toes.

Palm trees, ocean breeze, lets go cruising, you and me, hot hair, sunkissed hair, endless summer, take me there <3

Beach days and flip flops. Bathing suits, tank tops. Short shorts, banging tan. Hot days, warm sand. Summer lovin, beach gear. Get ready, summer's here.

Summer is just one long weekend when everyone is having a good time.

Mhmm, the smell of suntan lotion, the salt in your hair, the warm sun beating on your skin. It doesnt get much better than summer. I am a true summer girl. Winter kills me. I do not like snow (Thanks alot 24 inches.) I hate being cooped up. I do not like the smell of winter. I know, weird, weird stuff. I love summer. There is this little town where I live. Its about 30 minutes away. The ultimate beach town. The town you see in movies, but never really though existed. The faded/broken signs, everyone is walking, no matter where you are in the town, your only a 4 minute walk from the beach. Every store you walk into is selling suntan lotion, and lip balm. Every person from the ages of 17-28 know the town, and still love to visit. Dewey. Its never fully packed, only locals hang out there. Tourists travel either another half an hour to reach Ocean City, or 10 minutes to reach Rehobeth Beach. Its the perfect place. My friend Sam and I, go from 8 in the morning till at least 12 at night, walking around, visiting the restraunts, laying on the beach, meeting up with friends, ohhh, just talking about it makes me miss it. Being cooped up for so long has been killing me. I cannot wait to get my bathing suits out and get ready to tan! I love the relaxed feeling of summer, sleeping in, fresh cut grass, $5 flipflops, mhmm. I really want to get a night job down at the beach this summer. I can't wait! I have already purchased 2 bathing suits. Its February, and there is still snow on the ground. Oops!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Making the decision to have a child is momentous, it is to decide forever o have your heart go walking around outside your body. -Elizabeth Stone

I just want to talk about my mom. I gave her hell growing up. I was onery, and extremely hyper active. I could tell you stories that may scare most sensable young women into never having children, in fear, they may be as agonizing as I was. I don't want you to get the wrong impression. I was a well mannered kid, but I cant tell you how many spankings it took to finally get me that way. I was extremely hard headed. I remember my mom telling me right before she spanked me "Ana, I am only doing this because I love you." That sentence right there was a major flaw in our relationship, as she told me this, my 6 year old little mind was thinking "Ok, really crazy lady, I am not stupid, if you loved me, I would be doing the same exact rotten thing I was doing, without getting in trouble for it, your insane to believe this is an act of love." Now that I see the kind of person I grew up to be, I understand what she was saying. She helped me become a strong, determined, independent young lady. Through fights, and screaming matches, through me thinking my mom was an insane crazy person, she stood by me. She did yell at me when I got out of hand, and looking back, I see I deserved (most :]) of it. Sometimes, I start talking, and I cant believe the words coming out of my mouth.

[[I am becoming a little Cindy.]]

Yes, I am. I am becoming my mother. Which isnt all bad. My mom and I, are talented. You see, we can laugh at the same thing, for 15 minutes straight, not able to breathe, tears streaming down our faces, my mom usually starts snorting, at something no one else in the room find funny. The song by Lady Gaga Bad Romance? Heard of it? "Ra Ra Ra Ga Ga Ga Ro Ra, Rum La La". It killed us, my sister and dad had to listen to the continual giggling as we filled in the "Ra Ra Ra Ga Ga Ga... with what ever insane words/sounds that came to our heads. Thats my mom and I. She has truely become one of my best friends. And I love her dearly. I do not know where I would be without my mom.

Drum roll

There she is, the prettiest lady in the whole wide world.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here it is, exercise update. As I type this, my shoulder muscles ache, and I feel as if I can finally really know where my abdomen mucsles are realy located, due to the fact, they are is misery as well. Here are some pictures, and some new measurements.

Wasit: 28 1/4
Hip: 43 1/2
Thigh: 24
Bust: 37
Arms: 12

Total success, I am missing 3/4 of an inch from the waist, but I found 1/2 of an inch in my butt (ugh!). Another 1/2 is missing from my thigh, as well as a 1/2 inch in my chest, arms are the same. Why must I have a bigger butt?! So, basically everything is shrinking, except my dang derrière. Just keep faith, this is going to be a resolution I stick to!

Oh Valentines Day. The same blog post has been posted by millions and millions of fellow bloggers all tis month. The day singles hate, and the day the attached stress weeks over. Its the day us, sinlges, are supposed to feel bad over, and its supposed to be the the most romantic day of the year for those in relationships.
Val-en-tine: [val-uyh-tayhn]
a sweetheart chosen or greeted on this day.
((Thank you dictionary.com)) My sweetheart, is my dear friend Brittanie, I am borrowing her from her boyfriend for the day. He is such a doll. She is my special sweetheart chosen for the day. I tried for my dear Forrest Griffin, but I dont think that one will be happening this year. Ill try agian this year. Brittianie just informed me, she will be baking me a cake for Valentines day, Well P90X,
looks as if all your hard work is going out the window ;). How is everyone else speinding their holiday? To those who are single: Be proud! One of my friends told me "Your not single because your not good enough, your single because you havent found one good enough for YOU". Just because your single, doesn't mean you can't send or recieve cute gifts, or go out to dinner with any
special person, after all, Valentines Day is about spending the day and truely appreciating those you LOVE. Who better than your friends or family? Those who are attatched, really truely treasure the person you are with. And don't forget about those who aren't your significant other.

On a much more positive note (Can't every one tell I am in the post relationship stage? haha, Im sorry) I can't wait to see the movie Valentines Day.It looks like such a fantastic cast (come one TAYLOR SWIFT!!) Im going to have to get a couple girlfriends together and check it out. I cannot waittt!

Monday, February 1, 2010

“I don't excercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.” - Joan Rivers

Oh geez. Here we go, another craze. Yes, its hit me, its time to follow out one of my New Years Relselusions. The same one millions upon millions of well-padded Americans made, and make EVERY STINKIN year. Loosing weight, getting fit, excercising, conditioning, working out, sharpening, pumping iron, whatever fancy word you have for it. Im going to do it. Im going to look the best I ever have this summer. No more Wendy's. Ok lets just be realisitc. I prob will STILL find my little self at Wendy's devoring a 5 peice nugget. But not every day on my breaks! So I am planning on doing p90x at east 4 times a week. What is p90x?? Its a insanely brutal workout, i can barely get past the warm up... Looks as if I have ALOT of work to do. Here are my before shots. and i will post some after shots, when they happen. So please, encourage me fellow bloggers, to hopefully carry out on of my New Years Resolutions, and not be part o the 87% of Americans who fail :)

FEBRUARY 1, 2010
Waist- 29 in.
Hip- 43 in.
Thigh- 23 1/2 in.
Bust- 37 1/2 in.
Arms- 12 in.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Mary Horowitz

Wedding Bells

My very good friend Brittanie is getting MARRIED!!

I am so excited. She asked me to help plan her wedding. I am soo excited. I have so many ideas racing through my head its insane. But here we go. I made her bouquets!! They are so pretty. She is having a really rich purple as our dresses. [[ a d o r a b l e d r e s s e s ]] But here is a blurry cell phone picture.

I honestly cannot wait for the wedding. The flowers are fake, but look totally real. They were more than half the price of real flowers! There are little pearls all throughout the bouquet as well.
[[ s u p e r s t i n k i n c u t e ]]

In other news, I've been doing really terrific. I am realizing what Im worth. And its alot. My daddy is the best in the world, if you have any doubts. Check the post below and look at his comment

Has anyone seen All About Steve? I have no idea. Non at all, but I ADORE this movie. It has sat in my DVD player for 8 nights straight. I find it so cute. And so true. Boys lie. They say things they don't really mean. Girls lie as well. We say things we don't mean, or try to beat around the bush so we don't hurt anyones feelings. I love how honest she is in the movie. She is a hard core nerd. And it doesn't matter. She wears those hideous red boots because they make her toes feel like "10 friends on a camping trip". There are just some movies that stick with you. And this one completely stuck with me. Her facts, they never stopped cracking me up. "There's over a million Stevens with a "V" in the country. It's much more popular than the "PH" way. Twice as popular, in fact. I think it was the the Brits who prefer their PH's." And also, my brother's name is Steve, maybe it made me laugh even harder because of that. Im not sure. =]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Wait for the guy who will swim across shark infested waters to get you a lemonade" -Daddy and Mommy

So, my past few posts have been just words, and I apologize for that. I know its boring. Even though this is depressing and not entertaining, I find it somehow theraputic to write. After all this with my ex. I wake up thinking I am just one step closer to being better. And I am getting better. But how do I keep myself from falling right back into the same trap? How do I keep myself from falling from that same kind of guy? Here we go. I'm making a list. I am refusing to settle for anything less than my list.
1.) I want a guy who loves my hyper-activity, and crazy thinking.
2.) Never yells. Ever.
3.) Refuses to go to bed angry with me, or with tension still in the air between us.
4.) Wants me safe, and protects me.
5.) Has a job, car, ect.
6.) Loves to cuddle even though I am constantly cold.
7.) Has drive. Has a good reputation.
8.) Does the right thing. Even if its not the fun thing, or the cool thing.
9.) Has a good reputation.
10.) Actually gives my dad competition. Let me elaborate. My dad treats me like a princess... fully. No BOY has ever come close to treating me as well as my dad always has. I want a guy to go even beyond him.
11.) Tells me he loves me, everyday.
12.) Cherishes my laugh, and my love for free living.
13.) Isn't afraid
15.) Loving family. I want to love his family, and his family love me
16.) I want my family to love him, which isnt hard. I have the most accepting family ever.
17.) Spoils me. Its been too long since I've been spoiled.
18.) Makes me laugh. Has a good sense of humor, Is silly and isnt embarassed.
19.) Holds my hand.
20.) Pretty Teeth (super super superficial, but, lets be honest. Its a must)
21.) Puts me first.
22.) Thinks I am out of his league. But is determined to make me fall more and more in love with him everyday
23.) ^^ Does all in his power to make himself a better man
24.) Just takes long drives with me. To nowhere. Just talking and listening to music.
25.) Loves the beach, summer, and maybe willing to move.
26.) Loves UFC. Has to be ok with my love for Forrest Griffin.
27.) Not a druggie, or an alchie. =]
28.) Respects me, and makes sure his friends and other people respect me.
29.) Give me my space. Lets me still have friends.
30.) Takes me to see girl movies.
31.) Will watch The Notebook with me...more than once.
32.) Lets me take his hoodies. Willingly.
33.) Calls me at night. To say "I Love You" and ask about my day.
34.) Is honest
35.) Loves my good heart. I want to do good by everybody, I want him to understand that.
36.) Must love cocker spaniels.
37.) And buy me one one day =]
38.) Likes that I am klutzy
39.) Is comfortable with the fact I have guy FRIENDS.
40.) Fights past my trust issues
41.) Knocks down all the walls I have built up.
42.) Tells me I am pretty. Often.
43.) Doesn't like to argue.
44.) Takes pride in dating me.
45.) Likes football, baseball, hunting and fishing. And will discuss these topics with my daddy
46.) Loves to cuddle me.
47.) Smiles alot. Is happy on his own. I want to be a HUGE part of his life. But, he still needs to be independent and MAN enough to stand on his own
48.) Is proud of me
49.) Buys me tulips (FAV FLOWER) actually... any flower will do
50.) Sweet suprises. I love when guys plan cute things for their girlfriend.

I know this list is extensive. I know alot of people are thinking it will never happen. They don't make guys like that anymore. Heck. As I am writing this I think, wow. I will probably die alone. But its ok. I would rather know I had standards and only had the best, then settle for any loser that comes my way. The next boy will have to prove he is good enough to be that special person in my life... even if it means I am alone until I am 70. Its ok... Eventually I will be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world, with a guy who just adores me. We will see. There is so much in store for me. I have so much potential. I am a good person. I have a good honest heart. And I know one day someone will really cherish that. We will see. I am young, and have a full lifetime ahead of me to find someone who meets all these "impossible requirements.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here is the deal.

Ok, if by any means you are having a bad day today. Please don't read my blog.

Seriously. I warned you.

So, my boyfriend and I were dating 8 months. Pretty long time. Pretty serious.
When we started dating I never intended for anything serious. Just a companion, someone to have fun with. Well the boy captured my heart so quickly. He was so funny, to this day, he's never raised his voice at me (and i can get pushy) Everything was perfect. My friends loved him, my family, not so much, but they accepted him. All my friends thought he was great to hang out with, we spent all summer just laughing and having a good time. Well. Things got serious at Christmas, we started argueing, and barey spending time together. Solution. He was cheating!! How can a BOY cheat. That is complete immaturity. I deserve so much better than that. And he knows it. So. Here is my solution. No more crying. Im going to change my image. Work out. Look great. And hope is heart breaks even more everytime he hears my name or see's my face. Whoo. I feel so much better. And please, someone explain why people think you can "love" a person while your doing stuff behind their back with someone "you don't care about"..please.

Monday, January 4, 2010

"New year, New chance. Buy a fresh notebook and start filling it with ideas" -Unknown

Two Thousand and Ten! It is actually crazy for me to think about, I tend to think about my past when I should be looking into my future. Three years ago I graduated. Three Stinkin Years Ago?! That can't be... Well, I've never been one for New Years reselutions... But this year, I am going to record them for all the world to see, and fellow bloggers, your going to help keep me responsible... whether you like it or not! :) Anyways, here they are, in order of importance. But first, I would like to say, I'm new at this "New Year, New You" thing, so I kept my list short.

1.) Joining a gym. I am for real, I am going to join a gym, before I buy a tanning memebership =]. This is something I really want to do. Hopefully I can get a friend [[Cough cough MANDY]] or a certian boyfriend [[cough cough MATTHEW]] to join with me... No pressure though.

2.) Health Insurance. This is a biggie. I am way to lazy to get health insurance. However, its a BIGGIE. within the next 4 months, I will recieve papers from my job. They will be heath insurance papers. I will do all I can to READ THROUGH, and acually FILL OUT these papers. I will have my healhth insured this year.

3.) I would love to advance in my career, by...
a.- Attending a 8 month course in the fall
b.-Staying at my job, where there are tons of advancement oportunties
or.... (drumroll)
c.-Go back to school.

4.) I would love to keep my individuality, and try my very hardest to brighten at least 1 person's day, everyday.

And in other news....

Meet Pixi. My Brand new Palm Phone!! I adore her! I just switched to Sprint (Take that dumb ol' verizon) and I have fallen in love with the Palm Pixi. I recommend her to all my customers (Yes, I am reffering to her like she is a person, she is THAT great) She can run many different functions at once, you can be talking on the phone, while checking a text message, or downlaoding and app, you can do anything and everything! She has fitness apps, budget apps (apps to manage a budget, say what?) fashion apps, what more can a girl ask for from a phone?? She has a pretty little case that sits on my hip, so she can close to me always. I am currently trying to convice my boyfriend (a dangon Verizon customer) to but Pixi a boyfriend. He laughs at me, apparently he doesn't understand her greatness.

I should most likely stop talking about Pixi, before I don't have any followers left!! :) But seriously, she's a a great phone and will become your best friend in no time!

Happy Holidays everyone! I am so so stinking sorry I haven't been keeping up with my postings!!

Here is a confession:
After I get done working (Ususally 9- 10 hr days) I don't feel like getting off the couch when I get home [straight lazy], or on my day off (they come very rarely) I am catching up with friends or with my boyfriend. I will try my very best to make time for posting some news!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ok, confession 1. This is my second blog post today :/
I actually have time, I seriously
n e v e r have time to post any more. And I hate it!
Here's a little update: I
LOVE LOVE LOVE my new job! Its worknig out perfect!! My brother is coming into town tomorrow, and I am flipping stoked.
Downside: Christmas Eve, I am working 7am to 9 pm. Poo.

Confession 2. I think at one point or another in my life, I will suffer from work-a-holic-ism.
True disease, I am sure of it. But I love working. Even if it is a place I hate [see previous posts] I still love it. I love having a schedule. I love knowing I need to be somewhere at a certian time. I love doing all I can when I am working.

Confession 3. I am an over achiever. Its true. That "oh you did a terrific job" isn't just a simple comment to me. It is a strive to do even better. It is a challenge to myself. I want to be all I can be. Whether its getting a customer cheese, bacon and sour cream on their mashed potatoes, or saving someone $60 dollars a month on their cell phone bill. I love it. I love the strive to be better, I love the competition I create in my head, I love making and achieving goals that I have set for myself. I worked 45 hours last week... the 2nd week on the job. Needless to say, I am thrilled. I love working.

You're all probably thinking I am crazy, and sadly, I am slowing coming to the realization you right.

Confession 4: I H A T E what Christmas has become. I have began to think the way I used to critisize people for. As I was shopping, everything was about price. Not just price, but brand.... There is a certian individual that I buy for. I hate buying their gift. It seems as if every year, I go out of my way, spend more than I budgeted, and put way to much thought and headache into the gift, only to see a look of faint disappointment on this individuals face. It drives me up a wall. What do they want me to do, but a Ferarri on a waitrees' pay?!
Christmas should be about the time you spend together, with your family and closest friends. Not the price tag of the gift you recieved. Trust me, this is not my being cheap. It is simply that, this person has everything. And whatever they don't have, they are sure to get from their parents, Christmas day, or any other day of the stinkin year. I never know what to get. I think I got a pretty terrific gift this year for them, however I know when the time rolls around for them to open it, I will once agian bang my head agianst the wall in frustration.

Confession 5: I am positive I have gained weight from all the Christmas cookie eating... but this may not qualify as a confession, being as everyone has been sneaking those cookies =]

Confession 6: The more I sit around in this snow, the more I think Arizona is calling my name. I want to travel. Travel everywhere, see as much as I can before I settle down and have kids.

Confession 7: I want 5 babies. Yea, that wasn't a typo. 5. 5 kids running around.

Confession 8: I do not find Forest Griffen all that attractive, but i'll-be-darned, I'd marry him faster
than you can say "knock-out"
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I am spending tomorrow with my boyfriend, so you probably won't hear from me until a few days after!! Happy Holidays.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

THESE are what happened during my snow day It was amazing. I had to call our of work, and so did my sister. My mom had to cancel on a wedding she was photographing. And
We headed outside, and got some terrific sissy pictures.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blogger won't let me upload any pictures. It has completely frustrated me. My mom, sister and I took so AMAZING pictures today, Ok, well mom took the pictures, and Ema and I just stood around and posed. I can't wait to blog about them. Since my blog isn't working, you can check out my moms and you can get a sneak peek. Trust me, they are worth seeing. She is an amazing photographer!

Because I am
[[S N O W E D I N]]

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My new hair!
Finally!! I have been trying and trying to find time to cut it. So, for a little hair history: Ok, about two years ago, I dyed my hair blonde.

[I f r i e d my hair]
Like people fry chicken.

It took just about a year and a half, of short short hair, just cutting out the lifeless ends.
So after keeping it extremely short for about a year, I decided one good SHORT healthy cut should do the trick, then I could begin my voyage to long beautiful hair. This is what happened, super cute bob, far far away from the goal of my long, appealing locks.
Then, after what seemed like 4 forevers, my hair was finally beautiful and long. I loved it. It was about a inch longer than the bottom of my shoulder blade.
But something had to change. It wasn't the length, thats for sure. I wasnt going to see all my patience curled up on the floor just waiting to be swept and and given to the birds for a nest.
No, not length, but it had to a significant change. It couldnt be color. Color would just re-fry my hair once again. Then I came up with it, and here is what happened.

Whats everybody thinking?? Fantastic?? I know it looks funny because I am in a t-shirt, but I can't wait to wear a totally chic adorable outfit (I'm thinking cheetah!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Too see how much your parents love you, is to see how much they spend on your Christmas presents" -Danny Ong

Ok, blogging buddies. Here is my Christmas list, I checked it twice.
(three times to be exact)and it is
p e r f e c t
Checkkk ittt outtt

Michaels, for bead supplies of course,

A TapOut hoodie, sorry the pictures are so
small, not sure why.

This wool pea coat, however I would love
love love it in purple!

A girl always needs more clothes =]

More beading supplies.

S H A B A M.
This is it. This is what I would
to see under my tree this year.
D&B <3

I need work attire. Here is where to find it...
c h e a p.